About our datacenter

The Datacheap datacenter began operating in 2008 in the the Severyanin business center on ul. Krasnaya Sosna. In 2018, we moved to the former Yandex Tier 3 level datacenter at ul. Ugreskaya 2, bldg. 147.

Depending on customer needs, we offer various options for locating equipment in a datacenter - from one unit to dozens of racks or cabinets, we can also host ATX servers and other non-rack equipment. We are ready in a short time to locate a lot of equipment with a load of up to 11 kW per rack. Our DC has 270 racks, each consist of 47U space.

The main power supply system is built on the Emerson equipment, two 6.4 mW lines from the city supply are connected. Схема подключения UPS:N+2, battery capacity: 15 minutes at 100% loaded datacenter.

The backup power system is F.G. Wilson Diesel Generator with Perkins engines. Total power: 6.4 mW, tank capacity: 6 tons (18 hours of operation). After this time, fuel is quickly delivered to continue operation until the main power supply system resumes.

The datacenter cooling system is built on the basis of high-performance industrial systems Eistorm, HiRef maintaining the optimum temperature for the equipment operation. СThe cooling system is designed to operate on the 2N principle, i.e. if half of the air conditioners fail, the temperature will be within the normal range. The datacenter premises are equipped with an automatic gas fire extinguishing system, which does not harm the equipment upon triggering.

The datacenter provides a special mode of admission to the technological premises. There is a 24-hour security post at the entrance to the building, equipped with a video surveillance system; access to the datacenter is provided through the access control and video surveillance system; both systems are monitored by security guards around the clock. All this, on the one hand, provides reliable protection of equipment for unauthorized physical access, on the other hand, our customers get full control over their equipment without restrictions on the datacenter access.

Engineering systems and the staff of our datacenter around the clock ensure stable and reliable operation of the customers' equipment located in it, its maximum performance, and maintain the health of all the systems that ensure full datacenter functioning.

Customers placing equipment in our datacenter, get a standard set of services around the clock: technical support, on/off/reboot, and information on the status of external equipment indicators. We allocated separate workplace equipped with everything necessary, to work with the equipment for customers.

Several independent optical communication lines to MMTS-9(M9) are laid in the data center. For fault tolerance, the optics are wound up through different cable entries and laid with non-intersecting routes. The channel equipment between the data center and M9 has a total capacity of 650 Gbit/s

There are four independent DDOS traffic filtering nodes on the M9. Combined solutions from different vendors are used to flexibly configure filtering rules. L7 and UDP traffic is also filtered.

Practice shows that our filtering system copes with attacks up to 1,200 Tbit/s, this is the maximum recorded indicator. We are ready to offer customers a wide range of services: ports from 100 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s.

You can check the quality of our channels for free using a dedicated server for three days. To get access to the server, contact us in any way convenient to you.

If you are looking for a reliable data center and do not want to overpay for unnecessary services, Datacheap.ru — exactly what you need!

Layout of our premises

Company details

LLC Delta

Legal address: 105066 Moscow, ul. Staraya Basmannaya 20

TIN: 7701811828

KPP: 770101001

Actual address 109089 Moscow, ul. Ugreshskaya 2\147

PSRN 5087746538424

Settlement account 40702810801100012587

Correspondent account 30101810200000000593

BIC 044525593 in the Main Administration of the Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District

Bank name: AO ALFA BANK