IT outsourcing service

The term "equipment" should not be taken literally. This term implies a whole range of appliances that can fail for one reason or another. This may be non-standard office equipment, non-branded or little-known network equipment and much more.

IT Outsourcing extends the standard concept of administration, as it includes not just setting up a local network, monitoring the state of server equipment, websites and databases, but also technical advice and solving most tasks that can be somehow related to IT.

Our employees daily handle and solve tasks that require specific knowledge and experience. Even when a customer has a problem that is not known how to be solved, our administration department does not “let it go”, but vice versa, engages all free employees, and solves the seemed most difficult task by collective effort.

Most often cases when customers contact us:

  • Computer does not turn on.
  • Printer and office equipment does not work.
  • Programs and applications do not run.
  • Company's website is unavailable or the database is down.
  • Receiving or sending emails does not work.
  • Constant interruptions in telephony.
  • No or broken connection to the remote desktop.
  • No connection with the “client-bank”, or unable to log in to the system.
  • 1C lags or does not work as a whole or its individual modules.

If you address these problems and tasks to our IT department, you can delete them from the list of "headaches" and have them solved and eliminated them in a few minutes.

This year we have already handled more than 712 requests from customers and they were satisfied!

IT services for organizations and enterprises

For organizations and enterprises, we offer a wide range of services that can be ordered in full or selectively. According to the policy of our company, our customers pay only for the services they actually use. Therefore, our prices are much lower than that of our competitors. Also, if necessary, the customer can order an additional required service, or order it one time.

We offer

  • Complex IT services for your office - from network configuration to setting up backup system for important information.
  • Administration of a corporate website - from website development to its promotion in search engines.
  • Server administration - Windows and Linux server administration, troubleshooting, installation and configuration of standard and specialized software.
  • Backup of both individual files, and full backup of the entire server.
  • Setting up and administering an office network - setting up a Firewall, a router and computers with office equipment (multifunction printing devices, printers, scanners, faxes, etc.).

You can order a one-time service and a service on an ongoing basis. The cost of a one-time service is - 27.02 usd per hour. Services on an ongoing basis are calculated individually for each customer.

Administration service order form

The cost of a one-time service is 2000 rubles per hour. Only "useful" time is charged.
The cost of administration services on an ongoing basis is calculated individually for each client.