General issues
How to use billing?

1. Go to https://vps.datacheap.ru and log in using login and password that was sent to you at the email address you provided.

Our data center

2. From the main page go to the application form.

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3. Click "Create" and fill out the request form. You can also attach files to your request. (logs, screenshots, etc.)

Our data center Our data center

Note: The more you describe the problem and the steps before it, the sooner we can get to the bottom of the problem. This is true both for problems and for the usual questions you are interested in asking in the request form.

4. Depending on the employment of employees, after the formation of the request, our operator or technical support specialist will answer you within ten minutes. The status of the request will then change to "There are new messages" and a notification will be sent to the email address you specified.

Our datacenter Our data center

5. After the issue is resolved, our employee closes the request. At this moment, you will see the "Archive" button, it removes the request from the list and the counter in the upper left corner of the page.

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We hope this instruction will make our interaction easier.

DataCheap.ru team.

What are the operating hours of the data center?

Paperwork (contracts, acts, invoices): Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00. Support hours: 24/7/365

Accommodation is possible any day from 09:00 to 20:00 upon prior notice. It is also possible to place at night by individual agreement.

For a visit on foot, you must first tell us your passport details and have a document with you. The checkpoint is located at the address: Ugreshskaya st., 2s145.

To visit by car, you must provide the make of the car and the state number, entry through the checkpoint at the address: Ugreshskaya st., 2s145.

Do you have a diesel generator?

Yes, there are 4 diesel generator sets in hot standby, DGU manufacturer: F.G. Wilson, diesel engine manufacturer: Perkins. Total power: 6.8 MW, tank capacity: 6 tons (18 hours of operation), then prompt fuel delivery will be organized

Do you work with individuals?
Yes, to conclude an agreement, you only need a passport of an individual and his presence.
Where are your servers located?

All servers of our company are located in the data center at the address: Moscow, st. Ugreshskaya house 2 p. 147. For more information, you can read on this page

What are the payment options?

It is possible to pay by bank transfer by bank transfer, in cash at the office during business hours, and in your personal account, you can pay through Qiwi and Paymaster payment services from the following methods:

  • Bank payment 
  • Payment by bank card 
  • Alfa-Bank 
  • Tinkoff 
  • Sber 
  • Paypal 
  • Qiwi 
  • SBP

Technical questions
Can I use one port to connect multiple servers?
You can, for this you need to install a router or a switch.
What IP addresses are you giving?
We give real IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, at the request of the client we can allocate a subnet for him.
Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Servers (VPS - VDS)
What virtualization is used for VPS?

All virtual servers are created on the basis of bundles of various solutions for greater fault tolerance.

Can I use my ISO image when ordering a VPS?

Certainly! To download your operating system image, contact the support center with a direct link to the image source. Specialists will download the image and install it in the shortest possible time.

Methods of payment for virtual servers.

You can pay for Datacheap's services in various ways, choose the most convenient payment method for you:

  • In your account - click next to "Balance" on the account. Enter the amount and select the payment method.
  • After adding the virtual server to the cart, click pay and select a payment method.
  • Cash in the data center.

The following payment methods are currently available:

  • Bank payment
  • Yandex.Checkout
How to order a virtual server?

You can order a virtual server in the following ways:

  • Option 1: In the calculator, select a convenient tariff or configure it, enter your e-mail, full name and phone number and you will be called back to create an account.
  • Option 2: Call a multiline phone +7 (495) 640-64-10 and with a specialist take necessary action
  • Option 3: Go to your personal account using the link https://vps.datacheap.ru / , register and select the required tariff in your account.

When registering, you must fill in the form fields - country, email, contact person, password and click OK. After that, you will receive a letter with an activation link to your contact email address, by clicking on which you will complete the registration.

Can I order an individual version of the virtual server?

Certainly. You can choose a Configurable tariff by clicking on link and select your configuration. Or after registering in our billing, select Virtual servers in the "Services" section and order "Configuring your VPS".

Failed to pay for the server on time. Will it be removed?

If the payment is overdue by 15 or more days, the virtual server will be deleted automatically. Remember that our company will always meet you, and if necessary, we will extend the server storage period for the required period.

Ordered a virtual server. How long does activation take?

The process of creating a server is automated. Depending on the chosen OS template, the virtual server installation will take from 20 to 60 minutes.

What to choose a virtual or dedicated server?

It all depends on the estimated server load, software requirements, configuration and available budget.

What is included in the technical support of a rented server?

We offer non-administrated servers for rent. This means that our responsibilities include:

  • solving network availability problems;
  • solving hardware problems with equipment in the data center, including the proposed servers;
  • maximally detailed answers and advice to clients on how to resolve problems that arise;
  • gathering and analyzing problems and making immediate decisions to fix them.