Monitoring of servers and equipment operation

It is no secret that fault information obtained at the right time can save considerable sums and nerve cells. Therefore, we suggest using our service for round-the-clock automatic monitoring of equipment and customer services. In case the parameters go beyond the specified, our system will notify you in all possible ways:

  • via E-mail
  • via SMS
  • Telegram bot alerts
  • Whatsapp alerts

Monitoring one parameter is 100 rubles per month.

Active metrics: 233 pcs.

Possible monitoring (metrics) options

Host ping

Does not require any settings on the client side, you can specify the desired ping frequency (from every 10 seconds to once every hour)

Checking TCP port availability

Does not require settings on the client side (you may need to open access to the port in the server firewall for the monitoring server IP address)

Equipment monitoring via SNMP

A wide range of metrics and monitoring parameters to be discussed separately

Monitoring smart hard drives

*not always technically available, depending on the RAID controller used

Alerting if bad sectors appear on the hard drive or in case of high SSD wear rate

Monitor RAID array status

*HP SmartArray, Dell PowerEdge, Adaptec, softraid. For other adapters, we consider monitoring availability personally.

Alerting if the RAID has switched from Online to any other state (failed, degraded, etc.)

Disk space monitoring

Monitoring of free disk space on the server, CPU usage, network interface load, memory usage by server. (Available for Linux and Windows OS families)

This monitoring option requires the installation of a zabbix-agent and a launch with the configuration file we provide.

Apache monitoring

Key monitoring parameters:

  • Apache restarted
  • Apache has run out of free slots for processes (no processes in idle state)
  • Unavailable port (80, 443, or checking both ports).
  • Additional metrics and alerts on them are also available.

Monitoring system connection requires that is available for the monitoring server IP address.

Nginx server monitoring

  • Port availability (80, 443, or both)
  • The number of server writing connections (their growth indicates that the server most likely does not have time to process the connections)
  • The number of requests per second (their sharp rise may be a sign of an attempt to scan or a DOS attack)
  • The number of currently active connections

Monitoring system connection requires that is available for the monitoring server IP address.

Personal metrics settings or monitoring of specific software and hardware are available. Technical possibility to be considered individually.

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