Request for colocation

At the moment we do not accept mining equipment for placement.

Why it is worth colocating ASIC miners (ASICs) in our Data Center

Our Data Center is located in Moscow

Your ASIC miners (ASICs) and GPU farms will be colocated on our site. We do not send them to any other sites.

Specialized premises

We locate your GPU farms and ASIC miners in specially equipped premises (building) of the data center. We do not use refrigerator containers.

We are a reliable partner

Our Data Center has been providing communication and equipment placement services for more than 10 years. For this time we have gained vast experience in rendering high-quality communication services and equipment maintenance.

Redundant power supplies

The backup power system includes the F.G. Wilson DGU with Perkins engines. Total power: 6.4 mW, tank capacity: 6 tons (18 hours of operation).

100 Mbps Internet with DDoS protection

When colocating an ASIC miner or a GPU farm, we provide the customer with a 100 Mbps communication channel with protection against L2-L4 DDoS attacks and 1 IP address.

Comfortable temperature

We strictly monitor the temperature in all areas of our premises. Working temperature is maintained within 21° - 25°.

24/7 technical support

We are ready to answer all questions at any time of the day.

Round-the-clock security

Our data center is guarded by armed guard and a checkpoint. Your equipment will always be protected as much as possible from third parties.

Stabilized power supply

All equipment is powered through industrial UPS. This will significantly extend the life of your power supply units.

Wholesale discounts

We offer individual discounts when colocating a large number of equipment. Flexible approach.

What is the difference between colocating ASIC miners (ASICs) and GPU farms at us and at other sites?

  • We are an official organization. We enter into a formal custody agreement. Our business is plain and transparent.
  • Our site is a modern TIER 3 data center. We offer the best conditions for colocating server hardware, ASIC miners, and GPU farms in Moscow.
  • We use high-tech industrial cooling and ventilation system. We strictly observe temperature and cleaning conditions.
  • Your equipment will be arranged only in a specially equipped data center premises. We do not use refrigerator containers and sheds.
  • Final colocation price does not comprise our "own" or third party pools. We do not charge fees from what you mine. Everything is strict and transparent, with no "hidden" conditions.
  • Colocation price does not depend on the rate of a particular cryptocurrency. The price is based on power supply cost only.
  • We do not steal electricity. We pay all taxes officially and on time.