Services of our Data Center

VPS means virtual private server capable of operating in console mode, as if you were sitting in front of your server monitor, however there are some differences.
Server equipment rent from LGA1366 with E5530 processors and 16Gb RAM and up to high-performance E5-2670 with 144 Gb RAM. We rent high-performance data storage systems.
Colocation is the placement of a client's dedicated server (as a rule, a standard industrial form factor server of 1U height) in  data center site for a fee, connecting it to high-speed communication channels.
Racks are provided with uninterrupted power supply. All racks are under constant video surveillance with record keeping.
The backup service is provided using NFS, CIFS, FTP and iSCSI protocols. We provide only a site for your backups, setting up the system or its administration is not included in the price.
Услуга позволяет настроить гибкую систему мониторинга оборудования с последующим оповещением в граничных и критических показателях. Оповещения могут быть настроены через E-mail, SMS, Telegram и WhatsApp.
Datacheap offers technical support services, tuning and optimization of information and computer systems.
SSL сертификат - это цифровая подпись сайта, которая нужна для работы протокола защищенной передачи данных в сети. Проще говоря, она обеспечивает шифрованное соединение между пользователем и сайтом.