Backup space

Almost everyone face this task when they need to secure data, make its backup once and store it, or set up a scheduled data backup, etc. So, one way or another, the place where these very data will be stored must be selected thoroughly. This is extremely important when it comes to data of the company, organization or any business project.

No self-respecting expert will tell you that it is reasonable storing a backup where the source data is. Take, for example, an common case, when one created a database dump, but did not transfer it anywhere, and one bad day, the server hard drives failed. Consequently, th database backup will be lost along with the database itself.

The simplest and most correct answer to the question "how to protect yourself from the most of possible problems?" - will be decentralization of data storage and backup copies from their source. That is why we provide arrays that can be accessed via the NFS, CIFS, FTP, and iSCSI protocols.

In total, users have already ordered space for more than 20 Tb from us!

Remote data storage

When ordering a backup service, we allocate a paid space and details of access to it. Further, the customer either organizes work with the storage system on his/her own, or can order a service for setting up a backup system from us.

This service is paid and the cost depends on the guest OS (operating system) to run the setting. We recommend using Acronis products to configure Windows backup. It shows itself as a stable system with flexible options for setting up plans and backup types.

For Linux backup, you can choose Rsynk, Duplicity, and others. In Linux-like systems, the issue of organizing a backup is more flexible, but it also requires certain knowledge and skills. Our specialists are always ready to help, both in word and deed, if a customer has a problem that cannot be solved on his/her own. For virtual servers (VPS/VDS), this is definitely Veem.